For ______'s sake

In “For ______´s sake” I displayed the child-mother relationship of the four big world-religions, how theyre explained in the original written word.
I applied an post Internet art aestheitc to create an iconography which is easier to access for modern generations.
My attempt was to create a mirror to nowaday religious child education that is far different from how its explained in the holy scriptures.


When I grow up

The Series "When I grow up" presents the ambivalence between working as a professional Drag Queen and the desires of their parents.
The photos show the Drag Queens in the environment of the workplaces their parents wished them to work in when they were still children.
It references their fears of not fitting in as well as their personal problems with their parents while growing up and coming out.
The photo series highlights the strength of those Queens by opposing the normative labor market.
They're standing up against those who are still oppressing them, while being set into the spotlight that they deserve.